AS9110B - Lead Auditor - Probitas Authentication Certified
Duration: 5 Days = 4.0 CEUs
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Course Objectives

This course offers a detailed approach to learning aeropsace quality management systems auditing.
  • This 40-hour (5 day) training follows the processes of an AQMS audit of an aviation, space and defense (ASD) maintenance facility, from Preparation and Evaluation to Reporting and Corrective Action..

  • While the course concentrates primarily on external audits, such as third-party and supplier audits, the information is easily adaptable to internal audits.

  • Practical workshops, case studies, and simulated assessments are used to practice new skills and techniques. A two hour written examination is conducted at the end of the course.

This course is intended for the auditor who wants to become an AS9110 auditor and has not successfully completed a QMS (ISO 9001-based) auditor training course approved by a training provider approval body. This course is also intended for auditors who wish to enhance auditing skills and facilitate growth as an auditor.

This is a highly participative course that provides comprehensive instruction on auditing ASD quality management systems (AQMS). The course content covers a broad range of ASD information relating to auditing activities. It includes an expanded discussion on the AS9110B standard, the AS9101D standard, ISO 19011:2011 and the requirements of the AS9104 trilogy.


  • Studying the current published version of the Standard and completion of the pre-course questionnaire provided is required. Completed questionnaires will be reviewed at the class to provide evidence of understanding of the Standard.

  • Understanding the work, training and auditing requirements for ASD auditor authentication is required.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who want to become authenticated AS9110 auditors

  • Individuals who want to become Probitas Authentication-certified QMS auditors

  • Quality Professionals and Management Representatives

  • Anyone who will perform internal or supplier audits, especially of ASD maintenance activities

  • Representatives from companies seeking AS9110 certification

  • Representatives from companies that recognize the value of operating a controlled quality management system

  • Auditors seeking an understanding of the requirements for auditing in the ASD maintenance arena

  • Individuals who will lead the AS9110 certification or conformity effort in their company

  • Individuals who seek a better understanding of ASD maintenance activities

  • Quality Professionals seeking career-broadening information

  • Accountable Executive Managers, Maintenance Managers and Management Representatives for maintenance facilities

Key Session Topics

General, Administrative and Basic Auditing Topics
  • Course format, attendee requirements and how attendee will be evaluated

  • ASD auditors' qualifications and conduct

  • Roles and responsibilities of audit team members and others associated with the audit

  • Overview of the types of audits, their purpose and importance

  • Determining an audit schedule

  • Focus of an audit on the organization's entire documented/defined business system

  • Post audit follow-up on nonconformities and closing out of corrective actions

General Topics and Topics Related to Standards
  • Description of the purpose of an AQMS and its role in helping an organization operate with increased effectiveness, consistency and customer satisfaction

  • Explanation of the purpose and intent of the ISO 9000 series of standards and how they relate to AS9110

  • Description of the continuing process of development of AQMS standards and ISO 19011, the impact such developments may have on the auditing process and the importance of auditors to stay current on auditing requirements and practices

  • Description of the eight Quality Management Principles and explanation of how they relate to AS9110

  • Detailed discussion and explanation of the intent and the requirement of each clause of AS9110

  • Discussion and explanation of the documentation required by AS9110 and the interrelationships between the quality manual, procedures, quality planning, policy and objectives

  • Explanation of the audit evidence needed to demonstrate conformity to the AS9110 requirements

  • Explanation and practice in evaluating an entire AQMS, including process, customer focus and continual improvement

  • Explanation and practice in evaluating the differing requirements for AQMS documentation in a variety of situations

  • Explanation of the difference between documents and records and practice in recognizing each of them

  • Detailed explanation of the difference between legal compliance and conformity with AS9110 and other AQMS standards and the significance of these terms when auditing

  • A discussion of the hierarchy of authority's requirements (i.e. FAA or other CAA, military, space) and applicable advisory materials, where to obtain additional information and how to incorporate authority's requirements into the audit activities)

  • A discussion of the hierarchy of standards published under the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) umbrella

  • A description of the auditor authentication requirements for AS9110 auditors

The Audit Process and Auditor Responsibilities
  • Description of Americas Aerospace Quality Group requirements for AQMS certification

  • Description of an how an organization accomplishes certification of its AQMS to AS9110

  • Explanation of planning and organizing all aspects of an AS9110 audit, including approaches to process auditing, and practice in performing these tasks

  • Completing an AS9110 certification audit (done through case studies in class)

  • Explanation of how to properly complete the AS9101 reporting documents, including practice in completion of Nonconformity Reports (NCRs) and Process Effectiveness Assessment Report (PEARs)

  • Discussion on recommendations regarding acceptability of an AQMS for certification and practice in making a recommendation

  • Description of the OASIS database, how to access it, the data it contains, security of that data and access to the data (public and private)


This course is certified by Probitas Authentication. It meets the training requirements as established in AS9104/3. Successful completion of this training satisfies Probitas Authentication's requirements for AS9110 Lead Auditor Training in its Aerospace Auditor Certification Program.

This course is also certified by Probitas Authentication to meet the training portion of the requirements for qualification-based certification of individual QMS Auditors.

Please click here for further details about the Probitas Authentication auditor certification process.

Please note: This course is separate from the IAQG-Sanctioned training. Please refer to the Aerospace Auditor Transition Training portion of our web site for more information on the sanctioned training.

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