Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Course
Duration: 1 Day = 0.8 CEUs
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Improve your management system through corrective and preventive action processes.

Course Objectives

This practical, hands-on 1-day course teaches participants how to use a simple, effective 7-step approach to correcting and preventing problems or nonconformities that exist anywhere in their organizations. It can help your organization satisfy management system requirements for effective corrective action.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action are primary Quality Management System (QMS) processes that have challenged most organizations. Organizations often do not get the benefits or optimum performance out of the Corrective Action or Preventive Action process due to lack of understanding of the value, failure to invest the time required, or because they are simply overwhelmed with the tasks. This course will cut through all of these roadblocks.

Who Should Attend?

Any personnel who will conduct corrective action or participate as a corrective action team member, as well as any individual who simply wishes to learn more about the 7-step approach.

Key Session Topics

  • Overview of corrective action

  • Determining ownership

  • Defining the problem

  • Isolating and containing the problem

  • Determining the root cause

  • Choosing a corrective action

  • Implementing and validating the corrective action

  • Preventing Recurrence

  • Preventive Action process

How to Register

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  • Call: USA: 1-800-374-3818, CANADA: 1-877-426-0714. Group Bookings available!