Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course
Duration: 5 Days = 3.5 CEUs
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Expand your organization’s ability to improve with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Course Objectives

By attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course, attendees learn about the tools and the methods to support--and become integral members of--their organization’s Six Sigma Improvement Team.

This practical 5-day course is an exciting and informative introduction to Six Sigma Black Belt Teams, in which attendees gain an understanding of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Process with a hands-on simulation, as well as interactive discussions to reinforce the learning.

Green Belts are Lean Six Sigma Practitioners who spend approximately 5-20% of their working hours in support of Black Belt projects, or working on Lean Six Sigma projects of their own. As Six Sigma Green Belts, attendees learn how to begin to identify and use the appropriate method or tool, out of the many proven Six Sigma problem-solving methods and statistical tools, to contribute to the success of their organizations.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is the same as the first week of the 4-week Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training, and is often the first step towards becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt. This course follows the DMAIC Model and teaches the essential knowledge and skills required to participate in Lean Six Sigma Projects more effectively. It includes a hands-on simulation, “Boards-R-Us”, to demonstrate the DMAIC process.

Note: The 1-Week Green Belt training does not address the area of statistics in depth, which is covered in the 3rd Week of the 4-Week Six Sigma Black Belt Training, or in the separate course entitled ‘Data Measurement and Analysis Tools’.

Who Should Attend?

  • Any employee of an organization participating in Six Sigma teams

  • Anyone who works at an organization that could benefit by doing things more efficiently

Key Session Topics

Define - participants will be taught the tools to help identify and/or validate their improvement project, define customer requirements and prepare themselves to be an effective project participant/leader

Measure - participants will learn and practice employing tools to determine critical measures necessary to satisfy customer requirements and develop a measurement plan to document process performance. Participants will learn the basics of variation and measure/calculate process sigma.

Analyze - participants will learn how to analyze process performance data to further refine the opportunity for improvement. Participants will use stratification and root cause analysis, and determine true sources of variation and customer dissatisfaction.

Improve - participants will learn how to generate creative solutions that eliminate the root cause of customer defects. Participants will be introduced to various methods of solution identification, prioritization, and implementation and learn how to gain approval for the solution and plan for impacts the changes will have on the organization.

Control - participants will learn how to execute against the plan by determining the approach to ensure achievement of the targeted results. Participants will discuss how to disseminate lessons learned, identify replication and standardization opportunities, and develop a process monitoring and management plan to assure new process performance is sustained.

How to Register

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  • Call: USA: 1-800-374-3818, CANADA: 1-877-426-0714. Group Bookings available!