AS9100 - Understanding and Transitioning to Revision C Course
Duration: 2 Days = 1.6 CEUs
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Course Objectives

This course is designed to identify the differences between AS9100 Revision B and Revision C, and provide the necessary guidance for companies to make the transition between the two. It will also prove valuable to those organizations seeking initial certification to AS9100C.

This 16-hour (2-day) course is highly participative and provides detailed discussion on a wide range of topics and requirements included in the current versions of the aerospace standards. Attendees will experience practical workshops and simulations to develop the proper understanding of the material and enable an efficient implementation within their organizations.

This course is focused on the topics most-applicable to companies that must prepare for transition.

NOTE: This course is not a substitute for the aerospace sanctioned training. However, the course is excellent preparation for the sanctioned training as it includes detailed discussions on key topics that are not included in the sanctioned training. These details will also offer insight into how a company can better prepare for transitioning to the new standards.

Who Should Attend?


  • Individuals who will lead the AS9100C certification effort in their company

  • Individuals who seek a better understanding of transition requirements

  • Individuals who want a good understanding of the requirements of AS9100C and/or AS9101D

  • Those who want to know what to expect from a AS9100C certification audit

  • Management Representatives

  • Auditors preparing for sanctioned training

  • Auditors who have taken sanctioned training and want more detail

Key Session Topics

  • Status of the Transitioning Effort

  • - Roles, responsibilities, timelines, status of documents
    - Impact on other courses
    - Future requirements

  • The Process Approach

  • - "Process" definition as used in AS9100C and AS9101D
    - Understanding the focus on processes
    - Defining processes
    - Understanding processes versus activities
    - Explain what certification body auditors will be expect

  • Detailed Discussion of the Differences Between AS9100B and AS9100C

  • - Ensure all the new requirements and changes from the old requirements are understood
    - Explain the rationale for changes
    - Explain what the new requirements mean for your organization
    - Explain how the new requirements can be met
    - Explain what the certification body auditors will expect

  • Detailed discussion of the AS9101D Standard

  • - Detailed discussion of the auditing requirements cited in AS9101D, including stage 1 and stage 2 audits
    - Explanation of the forms contained in AS9101D
    - Explain what certification body auditors have to do
    - Explain what companies can expect and how the new forms will impact them
    - Explain how companies could use the new forms

  • Risk Management

  • - Make risk management understandable
    - Define and give good explanations of risk management including numerous examples
    - Explain risk management approaches for different sized companies
    - Introduce several risk management tools including how and when to use them
    - Includes risk management workshops
    - Explain what certification body auditors will expect

  • Configuration Management

  • - Define configuration management and make the process understandable
    - Explain the requirements for a large scale configuration management system
    - Explain the requirements for configuration management in a small company
    - Discuss approaches for accomplishing configuration management in large and small companies
    - Explain the role of identification and traceability in configuration management
    - Discuss configuration management in design responsible and non-design responsible organizations
    - Explain what certification body auditors will expect

  • Project Management

  • - Define project management
    - Explain what is required
    - Explain the differences in project management in a large company and a small company
    - Explain what certification body auditors will expect

  • Process Nonconformities

  • - Explain the concept of process nonconformities versus nonconformities written against an event
    - Give examples of process written nonconformities
    - Explain what the certification body auditors will do

  • Implementation Planning and Action

  • - Discuss some steps that can be taken to plan and accomplish the transition to AS9100C
    - Provide some transition planning tools
    - In a workshop, have company representatives draft a basic transition plan
    - Identify areas where a company needs to focus attention

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