Vulnerability (VACCP) and Threat (TACCP) Assessment Critical Control Points
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Learn about Food Defense Strategies

Course Objectives

This course provides the appropriate knowledge and skills required to develop and implement a Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP) study. There are three case studies which highlight the potential threats that may occur to an organization and a series of in class exercises which will assist in the development and implementation of a TACCP study.


This course does NOT HAVE pre-requisite units for entry. This course is suitable for food industry management and personnel. A good working knowledge of HACCP and risk management principles are beneficial but not imperative.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for Food Safety Managers, Risk and Compliance Managers, Business Owners, selected team members and specialists (HR, IT, security personnel etc.) who work in the food industry and wish to gain an insight into TACCP and develop a TACCP system.

Key Session Topics

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the difference between HACCP/TACCP and VACCP

  • Recognise the different types of threats

  • Classify the different types of aggressors and develop a TACCP system

Course Outline

This course covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point

  • Conducting a TACCP study

  • Conducting a Threat assessment

  • Other considerations for TACCP

  • Best practice on how TACCP fits with a risk management framework

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