Online Auditing a Food Safety Management System
Duration: 1 Day = 1.0 CEUs
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The estimated time to complete this course is approximately 8-10 hours. You will receive a 12 months license to the course.

Please note that this course does not need to be completed in one session.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to conduct an internal or external Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Performance Audit and to evaluate an organisation's arrangements for identifying food hazards, assessing and controlling the associated risks, setting up control measures, and monitoring and improving the effectiveness of the food safety management system.

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There are no pre-requisite units for this course. Participants should have at least two years’ experience in food manufacturing or equivalent, at least two years’ experience in a quality assurance / quality control function in the food industry and a good working knowledge of HACCP via at least a two day training course presented by a registered training organisation.

Who Should Attend?

The target group is potential or practicing auditors responsible for conducting internal or external Food Safety Management Performance Audits and evaluating an organization’s arrangements against their commitments.

Key Session Topics

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Systematically examine a FSMS against any audit criteria to determine conformance with planned arrangements and the effectiveness of the organisation's approaches to managing food safety hazards and risk factors
  • Conduct a formal review against an organisation's food safety management performance and report on conformance

Course Outline

This course covers the following topics:

  • Food safety issues and hazards
  • Food Safety Risk Management Approaches
  • Managing food safety through pre-requisite programs
  • Managing food safety through HACCP
  • Managing food safety through Food Safety Management Systems
  • Food Safety legislation
  • Introduction to food safety audits
  • Food Safety Auditing Terminology
  • What people need to know to effectively audit
  • Auditing scenarios, exercises and offline activities


Upon successful completion of all formal assessments candidates will gain a Certificate of Attainment in Exemplar Global competency unit(s):

  • Exemplar Global FS Food Safety Management System
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